Went to the beach and the car next to me parked too close and behold after getting home I noticed a 2inch dent on the rear passenger door. I try to keep my car as clean and flawless as possible so seeing this was a major blow. I took to the internet dent removal and several companies came up. I remember seeing a  1986 white prelude driving around gilroy and San Jose with advertising dent removal. I googled dent removal but couldn’t remember the company name so when Wayne called me after I sent a few pictures of the repair I asked him is he the one with the white prelude he answered yes. Trust me if you see his prelude you know he will do a great job. He took his time and explained to me the process and did a great job. Before the job it the dent was very noticeable dent, but now you really need to look for it. He is cool guy, has a great attitude, very professional and great price for his work. Just remember he is the one who drive a spotless white Honda Prelude!!

Sherwin J.

I used to call Dent Pro for all my car dents, but needed to find someone who could come out to my house on weekends.  I found Auto Dent Work on the internet who was open 7 days a week.  Even though there were no Yelp reviews at the time, I took a chance and called Wayne on a Friday evening.  He came out Sunday morning to remove dents from both my cars.  Not only was he prompt on the time that he said he was going to show up, but his work and customer service was 5 star.  Wayne clearly had been removing dents for years, but also took the time to explain the entire process to me.  I am in the customer service industry myself and too often do you find people who want to just come out and get the job done as fast as they can and leave.  Wayne was meticulous about his work and made sure that you could not even tell that there was ever a dent on my cars.  Last but not least, besides top quality work, Wayne’s pricing was way more competitive than any of the other companies that I looked at.  In summary I would HIGHLY recommend Wayne to anyone if you are looking to get any dents removed from your car.  You will be as pleasantly surprised as I was at such great customer service and work quality.  Keep up the good work Wayne!

Steven Q.

I recently purchased a beautiful pre-owned Lexus that had a few minor dents that were fairly visible to see. I called several mobile dent removal companies in the area as well as Wayne from Auto Dent Work. Hands down without a doubt, I opted to choose Wayne to do the service on my car because his friendly personality, professional conduct and knowledge all together was a pleasure and so easy to work with. Wayne, gave me a good estimate to do the work and scheduled an appointment with me to come out to my company the same day! Upon arrival he greeted me with great courtesy and he immediately assessed my vehicle and was also able to find additional flaws on my vehicle that needed to be addressed as well. This proved to be extremely convenient at an affordable price for me to handle everything all at the same time. Wayne, finished the work with an amazing turn around time. Reviewed all of the final details with me in addition to guaranteed assurance for the work that was done. I was extremely pleased with the outstanding results on my vehicle, dents gone! And, it was so wonderful to work with Wayne based on his knowledge and excellent customer service alone! Thank you Wayne for the quality work and excellent service! I definitely recommend Auto Dent Work who is trusted and guaranteed to do a awesome job for all of your dent removal needs! 🙂

C. M.

Five-stars well deserved.

I have a 2012 Carrera GTS that I’ve had for less than 6 months. I had to hold back actual tears when I picked up my first blemish on the car – an inch-and-a half sized rock to the hood at 80mph on Hwy 101. The damage included 2 small dents in close proximity to one another near the center of the hood… in glossy black paint.

Wayne showed up with tools in hand, and had the hood smooth again within 15 minutes. The guy is an artist. He took the time to explain what he was doing while he worked meticulously.

Price – very fair
Service – excellent
Likability – Wayne’s a cool guy
Flexibility – The dude comes to you… ‘nuf said.

I’m a total car nut, and a bit of an auto-perfectionist. I can’t say enough good things about Wayne’s work.

Mike E.

Was it Wayne giving the autobody shop the finger or was it me? Maybe it was a combined effort. The thousands be saved me certainly made it feel like that.

I was about to give up after getting several overpriced quotes and auto body shop who would’ve kept my car for days and had quoted me $2,300 for a full replacement of my liftgate with paint and new emblems. All that made me feel like I was getting hit while I was already down. Wayne proved that none of those extra services were needed.

I am still high from the excitement of having my car fixed so well at a reasonable price by an awesome guy. I have never enjoyed my 1 hour and 15 minute commute in traffic heading home from work so much as today.

Yes, yes and yes. Everything the other reviewers have had to say about Wayne are accurate.

1. Yes, Wayne does provide quotes over text message and answered my initial phone call right away. Very pleasant to talk to. Quote given within minutes.

2. Yes, he arrived at our scheduled meeting place so early that I did not have a chance to go pee. But when I saw the amazing work he did, I would’ve wet myself if I hadn’t already gone.

3. Yes, he is very personable. I felt he had genuine concern for me having wrecked my 2016 car (it’s barely October 2015).

4. Yes, he explains clearly the situation and his process for repairing the dents. He reminded me that even if I am not totally satisfied with the work, the cost of an auto body shop to continue the work would be very minimal and even when combined with his cost, the total would only be a fraction of what the autobody shop quoted originally for the full repair. I will not be going to an auto body shop. His work is excellent. He said the repair would be 96% to 97% perfect. I would have to agree.

I learned from a friend who works at a dealership that Wayne is their special secret sauce. So as a consumer, why not go directly to the source?

5. Yes, he happened to have an opening the day right after I called him. I couldn’t have asked for a better schedule.

6. Yes, Wayne even buffed out some scratches that weren’t even part of the agreed work.

Wayne is proof that you can be successful by running a legit business backed by awesome customer service and providing amazing work.

I don’t wish for my friends to run into anything anytime soon, but I’ll know exactly who to refer if/when they do need dent repair.

Brian Q.

The best part about this business is Wayne’s friendliness. I contacted a couple other businesses and they weren’t nearly as personable as Wayne. He really took the time to talk to me and listen to my concerns.

Not only did he fix the dent in my car, but he somehow got my passenger door to stop jamming! I called a couple other auto dent businesses and I was told that the dent in my car would not be repairable and recommended a traditional autobody and paint shop. So basically Wayne saved me tons of money.

He was very honest and told me that it would not be 100% fixable, but he could get the dent out 95-97%. He sure knows what he’s doing because it looked like 100% to me.

Thanks again Wayne! I would highly highly highly recommend Auto Dent Work to anyone looking to repair with an honest, friendly business with fair prices and great service.

Su K.

Well-deserved reviews! Wayne is a professional, friendly, and a detailed oriented worker. He responds quickly, and patiently listens. Great communication and showed up on time.

The work performed turned out better than expected. Wayne went out of his way to help remove and smooth the scratched paint around the dented area without extra cost. Overall, I had an extremely pleasant conversation and experience!! Would recommend without a doubt.

THANKS Wayne!!

David C.

Wayne came to my office to fix a nasty door ding on my 2014 A4. He was a few minutes early and went right to work. Unfortunately due to the placement of the ding and the interior mechanics of my door, he was not able to reach the spot to fix it. However, he let me know right away and did not charge me a dime, and he was pleasant and left me with some hope.
I will still be recommending him due to his excellent customer service!

Lily C.